CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal is the platform to manage a diversity of processes. From simple to complex, central versus decentral processes. With CONTA-SUPERVISION you can monitor sensors and control actuators remotely on any place, independent from the current/internal IT infrastructure.

It’s easy to imagine the number of places where there is a need to control and/or monitor a certain process, but there is no IT infrastructure present or the existing one is undesirable for use.

Solution. The CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal in combination with the CONTA-CLIP GSM-PRO2 I/O communication module is your answer.  It Does not matter if it’s central or decentral. The GSM-PRO2 module functions parallel on a current application or be fully integrated as a new application. The GSM-PRO2 I/O communication module and eventually extension modules with digital or analogue inputs can be read by the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal. The digital (relays) outputs can be operated with a touch of a finger touch. The eventually extensions modules are uncluttered displayed in the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal.

Conta Supervision


The CONTA-SUPERVISION can be opened in a web browser, but is also available as app in the google play or apple store. Try the full version of CONTA-SUPERVISION until june 30th 2024 free of charge and explorer the unlimited possibilities. As per July first 2024 two GSM-PRO2 I/O communications modules can be used free of charge. To manage more than 2 GSM-PRO2 modules you will have to pay a yearly fee.

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