With the addition of the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal CONTA-CLIP introduces the real-time experience for the GSM-PRO2 product family and at the same time multiple GSM-PRO2 I/O Communications modules can monitor and control processes remotely.

The CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal is available in a web based solution or APP. The App’s can be downloaded in the Google Play and Apple store.

Monitor universal inputs and receive messages on flank changes when the inputs are configured in digital mode. When the input is configured in analogue mode the messages are sent as soon as the upper or lower threshold values are exceeded. In digital mode the status of the input is graphically shown as an on/off button. The digital input can be given its own name for easy recognition. Additional to the analogue input the input units and value are mentioned and shown on a dynamic bar.

The relays outputs (digital) can be operated by a simple touch of a button on the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal. As soon as the GSM-PRO2 I/O Communication module has changed the output a notification will be shown in the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT portal.

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