John Calder, CEO Dura Pump, The GSM-PRO2 setup is flexible and for a competitive pricing.

Outside the Netherlands the GSM-PRO2 is often used by regional water authorities. Dura pump uses the GSM-PRO2 to. Dura Pump supplies, installs, repairs and maintenance pump system for the industry. John Calder. CEO from Dura Pump: We have considered more systems, but the GSM-PRO2 offers maximum flexibility. Beside this the product is extremely reliable and available for competitive pricing in comparison to the competitors. It’s a good add-on to our own product; we sell our pump systems to our customers and offer directly the option to monitor and control our system.

Customers manage our pump system, tank levels and pump performance without physically going on site. They receive a warning message, before something gets an issue. When a water tank is almost full, due to heavy rain, then the GSM-PRO2 sends a message to the responsible person, who can take action immediately. For example opening a sluice to allow excess water to flow away. Besides the GSM-PRO2 monitors a pump in operation. The customers can see the pump operating hours and can judge if the pump has operated more hours than expected. This is a good indication for when the pump needs maintenance. The GSM-PRO2 receives constantly updates for more functionality and gets even more flexible. Therefore I will recommend this product for sure!