Danny Harskamp, CEO Wasplein; “The GSM-PRO2 solutions saves us time and money. And ensures satisfied customers”.

The GSM-PRO2 is commonly used in the Netherlands by farmers for example in mushroom farms and for control of  irrigation systems. Next to this also the industry is a frequent user as well. One example is Wasplein. Wasplein develops, builds and sells complete car wash machine stations. 80% of the time the car wash stations are unattended. The carwash stations operate around the clock 365 days per year and so that visitors can wash their cars at their convenience by themselves with the available equipment. Danny Harskamp, CEO Wasplein, is an enthusiast user of the GSM-PRO2. “Machine stay machines and there always can be a malfunction. This is what I wanted to manage remotely and on an efficient way.”

After a long search and making a lot of comparisons I finally found the GSM-PRO2 solution from CONTA-CLIP. The service from CONTA-CLIP is good. When I have a question,  I call them they respond prompt. Also an advantage is that I can use the GSM-PRO2 solution next to my already developed system and I can configure it to my wishes. Before in case of a malfunctioning I needed to contact someone or go to the location by myself. Due to the slow reaction time we had complaining customers. Now I do this remotely. I can turn off the faulty machine and activate remotely another machine for the customer in a split second. This way the customer can continue with washing his car and we keep having satisfied customers. For us we save time and money. And more important: “Our customers are satisfied”.